/ Coaching d’équipe

Coaching d’équipe

Organizational Change


Objectives of team coaching: 

  • identify the meeting process (interactions, time management and space ...) and active culture of the team. 
  • increase the mobilization of the team collectively around a plan of transformations and actions. 
  • align values, management style and active culture of the team. 
  • develop a shared vision in a context of accountability and collective performance.


Example of a program of team coaching: 

  • observation of one or two CODIR meetings. 
  • restitution of the diagnosis of major adjustments and development by the team of a transformation and action plan . 
  • preparation of the seminar: individual interviews with members of CODIR on the following topics: their function, CODIR, the leader, the culture of the company 
  • seminar for CODIR to clarify the team vision and set their own goals evolution.



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