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Our professional support aims to help you achieve significant results in your business or life projects .

We create a space of trust with you and (or) your team, in which your potential and your performance will expand. We garantee you the quality of this alliance and the respect of its frame for the benefit of the change management and your business.In the coaching process, we are committed to prioritize your process of empowerment, essential for the success of the coaching.

We support you to mobilize your resources to :

  • clearly identify your target and its challenges
  • remove beliefs and be aware of the possible fields
  • make choices congruent with your vision
  • commit for action
  • to understand the learnings of this experience

Our coaching practice respects the ethics of the ICF. Coaching sessions are confidential and the information exchanged between us are in no way transferable to a third party. The objectives of the overall process are communicated to the client, the company.
HBCoaching comply with the rules established at the start of the contract and defined JOINTLY for you, responsability for the decisions, for me, ownership of the process for us, tripartite protections (you, the organization, us), co-construction of the contents of coaching.