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intercultural coaching

Our support with intercultural coaching will enable you to: prepare your departure and your return to be effective in your new environment , develop your leadership in an intercultural context .

HB Coaching develops the  intercultural coaching program for you and your teams according to the specific needs of your organization . Coaching sessions can be done both in French or English.


  • to understand the key intercultural competencies necessary to interact effectively in an intercultural environment
  • to better yourself in order to identify adjustments to implement to be efficient in your communication and in your intercultural management
  • to understand the stages of change and the inherent stress of culture shock

In France , the premature return of expatriate mission reaches 30 to 50% and 1/3 of the  expatriates leave the company within 2 years following their return : the culture shock for the executive and  his spouse or her husband  is often underestimated .

Example of individual coaching support during expatriation or impatriation :

individual coaching sessions before departure (8 within 2 months) and upon arrival (8 sessions over 8 months ), on the following topics:


  • career / motivations / emotions and resistance / intention / values ​​/ vision
  • new professional project that is part of a project life
  • style of management / communication / intercultural competencies
  • cycle of the intercultural experience 
  • regulation of the stress inherent to intercultural transition
  • phases of adaptation to the new environment and stress regulation


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