/ coaching d’accompagnement pour prise de poste

coaching d’accompagnement pour prise de poste

Professional development

HB Coaching develops your  individual coaching program according to your organization eeds. Coaching sessions can be done in French or English.

Objectives of individual coaching:

for executives starting in a new position :

  • position this challenge in your professional history
  • understand the challenges of your new position
  • focus on priorities
  • define his strategy and clearly communicate to your team
  • identify and welcome resistances and obstacles
  • regulate the stress inherent in the decision process
  • develop leadership

for managers wishing to develop their career :

  • identify and understand the challenges and what is at stakes in your professional history
  • identify the basis of the professional project , your values ​​and motivations
  • build on the  acquired competencies and their implementation
  • imagine " what vision for my career ? "And" how to implement it ? "
  • identify  the problems and welcome obstacles and resistances
  • regulate the stress inherent to change

Example place individual support :

12  sessions of 2 hours on the following topics:

  • career / motivations / emotions and resistance / intention / values
  • managerial , technical and human competencies
  • leadership and vision



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