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techniques de relaxation.

Biography of Hélène Blot

Beyond professional skills, being expatriated has meant for me, before all , an inner identity journey to explore the shores of the Bosphorus and along the Huang Pu .
From Shanghai to Istanbul, I have understood the challenges of leadership posture and have interacted with teams from different cultural orientations.
I've also discovered and implemented new competencies : coaching , training, expressive arts and relaxation techniques. These new horizons have nourished my practice of global coaching.

My professional history of 20 years in the Promodès Carrefour group has enabled me to alternate the management of teams in hypermarket ,in Shanghai and Istanbul, as store manager and as purchase director.
And this  11 years abroad carreer path (8 years in Shanghai and 3 years in Istanbul) was , beyond the richness of the professional experience , the opportunity to refine my flexibility in various multi- cultural and professional contexts.

My training and certifications:

  • Gestalt coaching for individuals and groups (Istanbul - EGCP) 
  • Associate Certified Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Coaching organizations by William Bergquist & Dorothy Siminovitch : ICCO (The International Consortium for Coaching in Organization)
  • Transformational coaching presence by Alan Seale ( Malmö )
  • Certified trainer by Elégia
  • Art therapy ( Lesley University - Tel Aviv)
  • Certified Practitioner of relaxation massage (Institut Figari - Paris ) recognized by the FFMBE ( French Federation of  Wellness Massage ) 
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