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vivre et travailler en Chine

intercultural training

HB Coaching builds and customizes  intercultural training programs for a group or team according to the organization needs. Training can be done in French or English. 

Example of a training day: The art of living and working in Turkey


  • appropriate key integration in the Turkish cultural context
  • understand the issues of expatriation and keys to success
  • be able to develop and implement your intercultural competencies in order to be effective in your communication and management style
  • be efficient in negotiations taking into account the cultural orientations of Turkey.


Being expatirate : above all, an inner journey :

  • Know your motivations, your own values and your behavioral patterns
  • Anticipate issues related to expatriation: loss and acquisition of new benchmarks , deployment of intercultural competence.
  • Awareness of the scope of the learning cycle over the experience of expatriation

Integrate in Turkey: know  about its history

  • Turkey as a historical crossroads of cultural and commercial exchange
  • The Eastern Roman Empire to the secular republic of Ataturk
  • Turkey as a strategic bridge between the Middle East and Europe
  • Contrasts and diversity of Turkey

Integrate in Turkey: understand the cultural orientations of Turkish people

  • Exceed the perception of Turkish and French people by the French by the Turkish people
  • Know the key intercultural competencies
  • Accept the differences and experience them as leverages

Communicate withTurkish people

  • The allocation of the space / time
  • Creation of interpersonal alliance
  • Implicit communication
  • The language as a world vision
  • Management of conflicts : sense of honor and diplomacy

Adjust one's management style with Turkish people

  • The hierarchical relationship and the decision process
  • Expectations related to collectivism
  • A so-called "male" society
  • Delegation and teamwork
  • The conduct of meetings

The art of negotiating with the Turkish people

  • The context of the negotiation
  • Interpersonal relationships in business
  • The management of uncertainty and ambiguity : a leverage in negotiations



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